Niek Hoogenboom


After a very fruitful and active life as Manager Human Resources with AKZO Chemicals in Arnhem, Holland, my father, who suddenly died in October 1997 after a short illness, took an early retirement when he was 57 years of age. He was therefore able to fully dedicate his great passion: drawing and painting which he personnlly called “mathematical, geometrical and ornamental decorations”. His greatest example in this world is the Dutchman M.C. Escher and the Hungarian Victor Vasarely.

The mathematic calculations are based on numerical calculations and progressions made by Pascal and Fibonacci. Also mosaic works and ornaments from Indian, Moorish, Islamitic and Arabian Art inspired him very much and led to many fantastic examples.

Niek Hoogenboom was born in 1917 in Rotterdam, raised in Breda, where he met his wife, came from and raised in a very artistic family and started at a very early age making gouaches, pen-drawings, still life paintings and landscapes all in oil-paint, however, getting older and more experienced, he suddenly started a totally other direction, as described above. Together with his brother Jan, former biology teacher at the ladies highschool in Breda, who wrote and illustrated his own biology-books, he and the local painter C. Booij determined also the cultural life in this city after the Second World War.

During his fruitful and creative period, Niek Hoogenboom produced more than 350 works, of which more than half are sold worldwide. Alle works are or will be provided with an aluminium frame, sometimes in goldcolour, depending of the painting. Sizes are roughly 40x40, 60x60 or 100x70 cm or a variety of that. All paintings are original and personally signed by the artist on the backside. These paintings are all original and there are no duplicates or lithos.

During the past 30 years more than 100 expositions/gallery’s were made in 7 different countries (Hilton Hotels, Parkhotel, Rotterdam, ‘t Spant, Bussem, Singer Hall in Laren, Kunstgewerbehäuser in Düsseldorf, Mannheim, Schwetzingen, Slot Zeist, Sonsbeek SIAC Museum in Arnhem, ABN-AMRO-branche offices in Doorwerth, Arnhem and Oosterbeek etc.) The AKZO Chemicals Art Foundation, his former employer, bought 10 works from him as a token of appreciation. All sold paintings are spread over 14 counties all over the world. Recently a few small expositions were held in the west part of our country.

At this very moment negotiations are going on with the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam for an exhibition of his paintings end 2014 and I have made contact with Mr. Ligtvoet of the Dutch Consulate in New York, who intends to dedicate more time and money to promote Dutch Art in the United States of America. With Lugano, Switzerland I made contact with Mr. Baron Thyssen-Bornemisza, Art Maecenas, for a small exhibition along the borders of the Lugano Lake in the course of 2010 and also during the annual Kunst-RAI in Amsterdam contacts have been made for gallery’s in Holland and Belgium.

My father has been member of the “Ars et Mathesis”, a club of artists and scientists (a.o. Mr. Bruno Ernst, art-writer, promotor and the man behind Mr. Escher) and the Gelderse Cultural Council in Arnhem has made a variety of photographs and slides of his paintings for documentary purposes. He has been member for a short period of time of the Artgroup “Konkreet”. This group disign and paint in the same style as Niek Hoogenboom and became wellknown for making the drawings/paintings on the covers of CD’s of the Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft classical musicseries, still available in all musicshops.

I am also in the possession of notes handmade by my father, whereby he explains how he came to a specific work and where it was based upon. Recently several designs and paintings emerged from a wide collection made short after World War Two a.o. St. John Church in Den Bosch, Bouvigne Castle in Ginneken and the Grote Kerk in Breda before the big restauration.

As only son I have accepted the task to take care of more exhibitions and gallery’s and when possible to sell works for him and his wife, who just passed away, mainly in view of the increasing interest and to make his works more popular in the world. In case you might have interest for an exhibition and/or purchasing his works, I am quite prepared to discuss that with you. In total about 160 paintings are still available for sale and a pricelist is Euro and USDollars is available.

It is my intention to issue a catalogue of all paintings that have been made sofar.